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“My name is Baoqi Shi, an international student from China. I graduated from IAA and my major in IAA is Leadership and Management. I came to Adelaide in 2019. Although I just came here, I fell in love with this city deeply due to the simple relationship and the beautiful scenery. On the second day of coming to Adelaide, I came to the International Australian Academy (IAA) to study for my General English course. IAA's enthusiastic teachers have helped me a lot in life and study, which made me adapt to life in Adelaide more quickly. I still remember that the teacher took me to buy a MetroCard and encouraged me to discover more in my spare time so that I can experience life in Adelaide better. The teachers and Chinese tutors in IAA made me feel safer because I just entered a strange environment and have language barriers. IAA teachers can teach us the most professional knowledge, not only that, but they can also take us to understand the local life in the spare time, which is great for who just came to Adelaide.”

                                        SHI BAO QI

                                                 (Shanxi Province CHINA)                                                              

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